(Time to fly) is passengers’ and pilots’ meeting place without no one in between. They can find information about flights and fly right away. is a small aviation project aiming to inform and inspire people not only to fly, but also to become part of small aviation world.

We are an initiative group, which seeks to develop a strong relations between public and small aviation community, to create a positive image of small aviation in the public domain and fill the lack of information about it.

To achieve our goals we created small aviation website, which is easy and convenient to use.

To those who want to fly registration is not needed. They can simply write their wishes for the flights in the column: FLIGHTS-> SEARCH FOR A FLIGHT. It is important to write your contact details: tel. number or e-mail. Only registered members - pilots will see them. Information about the offered flights can be found in the column: FLIGHTS-> FLIGHTS

Pilots can become the part of the pilots’ community of only by filling out the registration form. Confirmation of their qualification is needed. More information about each of the pilot can be found under column: PILOTS.

Only registered pilots can place the information about their planned FLIGHTS, see SEARCH FOR A FLIGHT contact information and place ADS on aircraft lease / sale.

Wanna fly? Registration is not needed. Steps:

  1. Open FLIGHTS-->FLIGHTS and find suitable flight by location, time, type of aircraft, etc.
  2. Contact the pilot by telephone, e-mail or soc. networks.
  3. Be in the agreed place on/in time and have a nice flight!

Wanna special flight? Registration is not needed. Steps:

  1. Open FLIGHTS-->SEARCH FOR FLIGHT, enter the desired flight information as accurately as possible, eg .: 5 May. my wedding. I would like to fly with my future wife over Trakai, my tel. number is ...
  2. Wait until the pilot contacts you. while waiting check section FLIGHTS, in case some pilot has already wrote a suggestion for the flight you were looking for.
  3. When the pilot will contact with you arrange for flight details.
  4. Be in the agreed place on/in time and have a nice flight! is the place, where passengers and pilots meet, but only they are responsible for the agreement of the flight.

Other activities and achievements: 

Organizing historical flight "Together by gliders over Baltic countries (2016).

Participating in the race of electro cars „Charge in with „Energy“: Vilnius – Palanga“ (2017).
Video: project - official communication organizer of Junior World Gliding Championships 2017. More info:

Gliders Fly from Sea to Sea: Lithuania - Ukraine (2018 August) More

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please, contact us:

Algirdas Šimoliūnas,, +3706 875 9943

Ieva Šimoliūnienė,, +3706 214 8691


Photos: Karolina Pansevič, Vismantė Ruzgaitė